Product Envhyro : ARENA aluminium panels

Envhyro, ARENA Aluminum Panels, Load Distribution Panels


  • ARENA aluminium panels are mainly used to create accesses and temporary platforms for heavy loads.
  • They are mainly installed on fragile surfaces such as lawns, stadiums, golf courses, racecourses or tartan athletic tracks, tennis courts, beaches...
  • They allow for the installation of concert stages and for the use of cranes, articulated trucks and forklifts.


  • ARENA Panels are screwed together and for the greater safety of both pedestrians and vehicles, the screws are embedded in the panels.
  • They are also linked to each other by integrated brackets.
  • The panels are composed of 4 aluminium sections of 0,41 m x 3,00 m.
  • The sections are profiled, non-slip and assembled with dowels.

Technical specifications

  • Material: Stretched aluminium (continuous casting)
  • Colour: Aluminium
  • Surface: Slightly contoured, non-slip
  • Dimensions: 6,45 m²/plaque - 2,15 m x 3,00 m x 48 mm
  • Weight: 175 kg/panel
  • Permissible load: 100 tonnes/m² depending on the type of ground
  • Transport: 120 panels per articulated lorries, ie 840 m²


  • Access ramps
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