Product Envhyro : Ecoprotect

Envhyro, ECOPROTECT Plastic panels, panels for pedestrian lawn protection and pedestrian walkways


  • Ecoprotect panels are mainly used to protect the lawns of football pitches, golf courses or racetracks...
  • Ecoprotect panels let in light, water and air.
  • In addition to the public, light loads such as pallet trucks, flycases, prosceniums or small stages (but not heavy loads), can circulate or be mounted on Ecoprotect panels.


  • Ecoprotect panels are easily installed.
  • A locking system allows the panels to be assembled together.
  • This locking system requires a specific locking key.

Technical specifications

  • Matérial: PEHD polyethylene, with UV stabilizer
  • Colour: Naturally translucent, letting light through
  • Surface: Non-slip
  • Dimensions: 1,00 m X 1,00 m x 60 mm - pre-assembled in panels of 2,00m x 2,00 m
  • Weight: 8,3 kg per square metter or 33,20 kg pre-assembled panel
  • Permissible load: 400 kg per square metter, depending on the characteristics and type of ground
  • Transport: 12 pallets of 20 panels, or 960 m² per articulated lorry.


  • None
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