Product Envhyro : Remopla

Envhyro, REMOPLA Plastic panels, ground protection and load distribution panels for plant and machinery, vehicles and pedestrians


  • Remopla panels are mainly used to effectively protect stabilized ground.
  • They can be installed on tartan tracks, tennis courts, hall floors, asphalt...
  • Remopla panels can be used as a support for the construction of stages, stands, seating...
  • Weiging only 32 kg, the Remopla panel is easily hand-installed by 2 people.


  • Solid one-piece construction.
  • The panels are laid in staggered rows and fit together thanks to a system of male and female edges.
  • The installation does not require the use of specific tools.
  • These panels are ideal for events, concerts, festivals and building sites.
  • They allow accessibility to pedestrians, persons of reduced mobility, light and heavy-goods vehicles.

Technical specifications

  • Material: Recycled PVC
  • Colour: Anthracite grey
  • Surface: Non-slip profile
  • Fire classification: Bfl-s1 (in compliance with standart NF EN13501-1 + A1 : 2013)
  • Usable area: 0,88 m² - 1160 mm x 760 mm x 43 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 43 mm
  • Weight: 32kg/panel
  • Permissible load: 30 tons/m² depending on the nature and condition of the ground
  • Transport: 30 panels/palett, 24 pallets per articulated lorry, ie 635 m²


  • Ramps, inverters, 1/2 panels
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Rampe 102 M
Rampe 102 F