Product Envhyro : Terraflor

Envhyro, TERRAFLOR Plastic panels, panels for pedestrian lawn protection and pedestrian walkways


  • Terraflor panels are mainly used to protect very fragile areas such as stadium pitches, golf courses...
  • Terraflor panels let in light, allowing photosynthetis to take place.
  • Totally non-slip, with vents specifically designed to allow to breathe, while preventing the infiltration of unwanted liquids.
  • They are usually used in front of stages for spectator access to concerts.


  • Terraflor panels are quickly and easily installed.
  • Each Terraflor panel overlaps the adjacent panels and is easily held in place thanks to a locking system.
  • They require a specific locking bar.

Technical specifications

  • Material: High density Virgin Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Colour: Naturally translucent, letting light through
  • Surface: Non-slip
  • Dimensions: 0,75 m x 0,75 m x 37mm - Pre-assembled in batches of 6 at the factory
  • Weight: 9 kg per m² and 31,5 kg per pre-assembled panels
  • Permissible load: 479 kg per square meter (with a puncture resistence diameter of 20 mm)
  • Transport: 16 pallets of 25 panels, ie 400 panels for 1350 m² per articulated lorry.


  • Access Ramps
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