Product Envhyro : Terratrak plus

Envhyro, Terratrak plus, Plastic panels, ground protection and load distribution panels for plant and machinery, vehicles and pedestrians


  • Terratrak plus is a solution for stadiums and arenas allowing for the hosting of large concerts, non-sporting events and festivals. They can be installed and uninstalled quickly and alternated for matches without compomissing the quality of the playing area.
  • They have a puncture resistance of 1173 kg for 20 mm diameter and a compressive strength of 7288 KN per m².
  • Terratrak plus is naturally translucent, allowing light to pass through and photosynthesis to occur when the lawn is covered.
  • Weighing only 46 kg, Terratrak plus is easily hand-laid by 2 people.


  • Structural injection molding using a blowing agent, which produces a foamed structure which, in turn reinforces the resistance of the internal cells.
  • The panels are connected to each other by a locking system.
  • This locking system requires a specific locking key.
  • These panels are not versatile and can only be laid on a flat surface such as stadium pitches or tartan track.
  • They allow accessibility to pedestrians, people with reduced mobility, light and heavy-goods vehicles, cranes and construction equipment.

Technical specifications

  • Matérial: Virgin High Density Polyethylene (PEHD) with UV stabilizer
  • Colors: Naturally translucent
  • Surface: Non-slip
  • Total dimensions: 1,20 m x 1,20 m x 38 mm - usable dimensions per panel = 1,10 m x 1,10 m = 1,21 m² - Factory pre-assembled in blocks of 2, ie 2,42 m².
  • Weight: 23 kg per panel, or 46 kg for 2 pre-assembled panels.
  • Permissible load: Puncture resistence 1173 KG for 20 mm diameter and a compressive strength of 7288 KN.
  • Transport: 25 panels/pallet, 18 pallets per articulated lorry, ie 1089 m².


  • Ramps
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